Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or Christmas, finding the perfect gift for the man in your life is going to be a hard one. Women are SO easy to buy for, because so much on the market is geared toward women. Beauty items, perfumes, satin pyjamas, makeup, bath bombs – you name it, you can find it and while men do love the odd treat (seriously, who wouldn’t want this bath bomb?), it’s not as simple as that.

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You don’t want to give your bloke a boring gift. The whole idea of gifting is to give something that isn’t going to be generic and impersonal. It should show you put thought into it. You want to give something that he won’t be Googling how to sell my gift card in a few hours after you hand it over. To spare you the total embarrassment of a gift that really doesn’t mean much to him, you need to think about some of the do’s and don’ts of gifts for men. Here’s some of those now:

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Don’t Go For The ‘Belt And Tie’ Combo

Men aren’t wearing suits as much as they used to anymore. While they used to wear suits every single day for work, they just don’t anymore. Belts and ties are nice gifts for a corporate office worm, but they’re not the kind of gifts that say you know your bloke very well.

Do Go For Unique Clothes.

If your other half has a particular brand that he loves, don’t just buy the clothes. Take him to the shop and tell him a budget; he can then choose which items appeal to him the most and it shows that you know him well by choosing the brand that you know he loves.

Don’t Buy Him A Work Gift

We spend our time in the office because we have to, not because we want to much of the time. Buying a work gift? It just reminds him that he has to be in the office when he would much rather be elsewhere.

Do Think Of Conversation Starters

The unique gifts such as the hand-blown glass letter openers or the trunk slabs made entirely of cedar wood are great gifts to receive compared to a gift card that doesn’t appeal to his personality. They will start a conversation and get you connected.

Don’t Buy Him A Gift To Change Him

You are with him because you love him for who he is, so buying a meat and potatoes guy a book about veganism? Not a good move. Appreciate who he is and show it with your gifting.

Do Get Something That Compliments His Interests

Does he game? Does he walk? Does he do sports? Find a gift that relates to one of his hobbies and present that instead because it shows how you know him.

These do’s and don’ts aren’t limited to one particular occasion. The point it, if you get a gift for a man in your life, it’s got to be personal!



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