Organising A Stag Weekend? What About A Festival?

If your best friend is ready to tie the knot then you have two key responsibilities to worry about; your best man’s speech and organising the stag do. This blog post deals with the latter. The key to a successful stag party is to pick something unusual. An event that is going to be remembered. Why not consider doing a festival weekend? Music festivals are extremely popular at the moment. What sounds better than listening to your favourite bands, drinking beer and slumming it in your tent? This is assured to be a real treat. But, how do you plan it? Read on to find out…

Speak to everyone involved

The first thing you need to do is give everybody a quick phone call. The main thing you need to find out is their budget. You also need to discover what dates they will be unavailable. After all, festivals are obviously going to be held on specific weekends and thus you will need to choose one which everyone can attend. You may also want to ask them about their taste in music too – but obviously the main man is the groom to be and so you want to cater to his tastes more than anything. The good news is festivals seem to cover most genres so everyone is bound to find something they enjoy.

Decide on a festival

What festival are you going to go to? You have lots of different options. From Glastonbury, to Eastern Electrics, to Reading, to Global Gathering, to V Festival, to Leeds, to Creamfields – the choices are quite literally endless. Furthermore, why limit yourself to the UK? You can also choose your destination first and then the festival second. If you want to have a stag do Cardiff way, why not make sure it is in October for SWN Fest? Why not make a real occasion of it and opt for a stag weekend abroad? Benicassim is definitely one of the most popular. Who wouldn’t love a weekend to Spain?

Get in touch with a party planning company

Don’t try and take on this massive task yourself. Take the help offered by professionals. They have tons of experience in the industry and will have planned successful stag parties time and time before. This will give you the peace of mind that your festival weekend is going to be a winning one. Not only this, but their quality contacts will allow them to negotiate the best deals. So, you should be able to get the most for your money.

Buy a tent

Most of these festivals will encompass a weekend of camping. Of course you can stay in a hotel if you wish to do so. However, if you really want to get into the feel of it then you should definitely go down the camping route. The atmosphere is like non-other. You will get to mingle with lots of other people and just have a really good time.

Finishing touches

What would a stag do be without a bit of embarrassment for the groom? The best route tends to be to get some sort of funny fancy dress outfit. At least he won’t feel too out of place; quite a lot of people tend to go all out when it comes to festival attire.

If you follow this blog post as a step by step guide you should have no trouble planning the perfect stag festival weekend for your best friend. This is assured to provide everyone with a fantastic weekend that they will laugh and smile about for a very long time.



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