Finding the Right Workout for You This Winter

During the summer, you might have been more active, went hiking, and took part in challenges with your friends. Now, however, you are back to college, and want to make sure that you are not letting yourself go, look after your health and wellbeing, and take care of your immune system. By setting up a regular exercise schedule for the autumn and the winter, you can improve your mental and physical health as well. Below you will find a few tips on how to get started.


Find Classes Nearby

The last thing you want to do is travel for hours to get to your fitness classes. Research the local gyms and make sure that you are able to get there in just a few minutes after college or work. You might have some facilities on campus that you can get a discount for, when you are a student or employee. This way, you can eliminate the common excuse not to work out: lack of time.


Get a Fitness Assessment

Before you can choose the right way to work out this autumn and winter, you will need to get a professional fitness level assessment. Contact a local Personal Trainer who is qualified to assess your needs and your current health. You don’t want to take on a form of exercise that will be too easy or too challenging, as this will increase your chance to give up before you complete the full course.


Try Something New

If you would like to stay motivated to work out, you will have to find new exercises you love. There are always some new ways of working out and having fun coming out. From room tennis to HIIT schedules you can do at home, you will have to choose the one that you are the least likely to get bored with. Try Badminton indoors, and challenge your friends for a match every now and then. Sign up for a basketball team and learn a new level of teamwork.


Consider Your Free Time

It is also crucial that you don’t over-commit yourself when it comes to going to the gym. If you are in full time college, and have a part time job, you will have to find the regular time when you are usually not busy and can commit to your health. A few minutes of HIIT might give you the same results as a 1.5-hour yoga class.


Involve Your Friends

It is easy to pack in when you lack motivation to work out. To eliminate the risks, you might want to look for training you can take your friends with you. This way, you will feel bad letting them down if you are trying to get out of the class.

Working out during the summer is easier, but your body will need all the exercise and energy boost during the colder months more. Find a form of exercise that will challenge you and keep you healthy and motivated.

– Jack


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