Taking Part in the Herbalife Nutrition 21 Day Challenge

As many of you will know Herbalife Nutrition are experts in providing nutritional products to enhance your training whether it be for a professional sport or a personal hobby. Not one to shy away from fitness, I have accepted Herbalife’s challenge who have themselves enlisted Nile Wilson, the GB Olympic gymnast to guide us through his daily workouts and nutritional tips. This is a unique chance to get some personal training and guidance from an elite athlete!

Where am I starting from?

Humble beginnings, I am still working through my resistance training routine which consists of 3-4 days of workouts splitting the routine up via Push/Pull/Legs and repeat. My main focus is to increase strength with muscle building as a by-product of this strength. Basically I want my physique to look better…don’t we all?

I will be incorporating the 21 day challenge with the aim to bolster my attack on my body fat by providing the crucial exercises such as HIIT cardio sessions that my training is currently lacking. I have full trust in Nile’s workouts as he is the one with Olympic medals around his neck, not me!

My starting weights are as follows:

Weight: 198lbs

Bench Press:                          80kg x 5
Overhead Press:                    50kg x 3
Squat:                                      60kg x 5
Sumo Deadlift:                       100kg x 3
Weighted Chin Ups:              20kg x 5

I will give you an update after the 21 days as to how these numbers have changed!

Herbalife Nutrition have also kitted me out with their 21 day challenge pack which includes a whole host of nutritional goodies such as intra-workout re-hydration drinks, their Rebuild powder which will help massively with recovery as well as some of the clothing from Niles collaboration with Herbalife themselves – which fits really well!

What am I hoping to achieve?

Following the 21 days, I will write another article which will provide details on my experience, not only performing the workouts but also how my nutrition has been with the use of the Herbalife Nutrition products.


I am obviously going to be looking for an increase in my weights numbers, as well as taking a look at how my recovery has been affected. I am expecting a positive increase in both with the higher influx of protein and carbohydrates coming from the Rebuild and protein bars as well as intra-workout hydration from the CR7 Drive and Hydrate drinks.

I have a confession, as I write this I may have already gone through a box of the protein bars, I have incorporated them into my daily macro calculations and they are irresistible! I have both the peanut butter and almond flavours and see them as a treat with an added protein kick. These are perfect for boosting your protein numbers whilst calming a sweet tooth.

How can you keep up-to-date with the challenge?

I will be keeping you updated as the days go by through my Instagram stories so if you aren’t already following me please do so, my handle is @jacksultana (nice and easy).

There will be daily videos uploaded to www.herbalifeblog.co.uk for you to follow along with so be sure to keep up to date with those. Be sure to give Nile a follow on his social media accounts (Insta: @nilemwa | Twitter: @NileNW) also if you haven’t already as he will be posting information about the challenge on his stories etc. too!

Be on the look out for my updates, if you have any questions regarding the challenge feel free to give me a message! If you would like more information regarding the products the best source of information would be the Herbalife Nutrition website!

Good luck!

– Jack



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