Stainless Steel Sustainability From Elephant Box

I’m sure you’re more than aware of efforts being made across the globe to reduce the damage we are causing to the natural environment we live in here on Earth. Recycling, walking to work and energy-saving appliances are all ways we try to reduce the carbon footprint we all leave but have you thought as deep as into your lunchtime meal containers?

As abstract as it may be your plastic containers you bring to work are part of the huge plastics problem we currently face. With 300 million tonnes of plastic being made every year it’s no wonder short-term products such as plastic tubs and bags are contributing to the widespread disposal issue in landfills. Not to mention the potential harm consuming plastics may be causing to your health, even BPA-free plastics have shown to release harmful chemicals in recent research.


For a while now I have been using plastic tubs to hold my prepped meals, I was conscious of the plastic problem yet did nothing about it. I came across Elephant Box and knew they had the solution. Their boxes are made to last, get one of these and it will be sure to serve you well for at least another 50 years (no joke!).

I have made the switch to the non-toxic, stainless steel containers as they are not only ecologically friendly but also damn easy to clean. For someone who makes a lot of chilli and curry, I am sick of having my plastic tubs camouflage into the colour of whatever I had residing in it. The steel boxes clean off with minimal effort.

There are many ways to reduce your contribution to the ecological issues we are surrounded by and making a simple switch to your lunchtime routine is one you won’t regret. Other ways would include being more stringent with your recycling habits, re-using products (I use a glass Voss water bottle daily, opposed to throwing away multiple plastic bottles per week) or even opting for foods with less packaging.


One of the main reasons I had to obtain one was simply because they look cool. Everyone brings their plastic tubs to work, how many people are you seeing with stainless steel gear for their daily nutritional intake? Not many, these people are the pioneers of the sustainable lifestyle, get on board!

I will leave some links to their Original Elephant box as well as their other products. Be sure to give them a follow on Twitter and Instagram too!

– Jack



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