Well Travelled: Norway, Malta and The Canaries

If there’s one thing I’m pretty well-known for with my peers it is that I’m always away on holiday. Any chance I get I want to get out of the UK and see the world. Luckily for me this spring/summer has been rammed with holidays with another two still to come. I wanted to write a summary article to show a little snippet of what I got up to on my holidays and just as a personal recollection to reflect on the past few months!

So, let’s get into it…



This trip was during the Easter period this year, Easter in Norway only means one thing, snow, and where there is snow, there is skiing to be done. Not a stranger to skiing, after a couple of previous snowy visits to Norway, I kitted up and hit the slopes with my girlfriend and her parents. If you follow me on social media I’m sure you would have seen my updates and I even took my GoPro with me to capture some of the scenery (check out the video below).

The majority of the holiday was spent in their cabin in the snowy mountains which is probably one of my favourite places to visit. The food was great as always, we caught up on some crime series on TV and got even more skiing done.




This was my chance to show my girlfriend around for her visit to a country that is deeply intertwined with my family roots on my dad’s side. He also lives there so it gave us a chance to see him and get some sightseeing done too. The weather was a bit cloudy but we had some days of sun so we had a chance to top up our tans.


We visited the capital city of Valletta and had a walk around Mdina. I also brought the GoPro along here too and made a quick travel video, a little better than my previous Norway video but I certainly still have a lot to learn.


Gran Canaria

Again, the weather didn’t start off great, with some cloudy days but that soon cleared up and now I have a tan like an orange. Another holiday with my girlfriend and her parents which was great as always. We had plenty of trips to the beach and stocked up on cocktails. This was actually the first time I’ve tried Mojitos and they are now my favourite cocktails to have. Therefore a bottle of rum may have been picked up in the tax-free on the way home, hold tight for the cocktail articles coming soon!

As I mentioned, I have two more trips coming soon, Prague in a couple of weeks with a friend you may know. After that I will most likely be back in Norway in which we might be taking an overnight stay in Oslo which will be a first for me, I just have to get it booked (and approved by my manager at work!). Until next time, cya.

– Jack


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