Finding Inspiration for Your Own Personal Style

Sometimes, men can find it a lot harder than women to find and hone their own style. However, it seems that some women are having trouble these days. Have you noticed that lots of men and women are dressing exactly the same? Buying the same clothes from the same brands and wearing them in exactly the same way? Having style inspirations is great, but completely ripping off somebody else’s style isn’t the best way to dress. Don’t you want to show off your unique personality?

Here are some pointers you can use to find and hone your own style:

Create A Pinterest Board

Pinterest has a ton of style ideas on there, so create a Pinterest board of the things you like the most to get a good idea of what you like. You might notice a few patterns crop up, for instance – perhaps you’re a fan of a particular color, or a particular theme, or even a particular item of  clothing. It can give you a really good idea of what sort of things you need in your wardrobe before you go shopping and end up impulse buying things that you don’t really like.

I created a Pinterest account with great intentions of using it. However, I must admit I have been lazy and more so a little confused as to how to use it. I’d suggest a quick Youtube video to get you up to scratch with how it all works and the benefits, then go from there.

If you really want to get creative, you could always make a collage in person. However, this will require considerably more effort, but may be more rewarding.

Think of Three Words That Could Describe You And Your Style

Now, see if you can think of three to five words that could describe you and your style. Then, when you shop for clothes at places like Seek attire you can keep these words in mind to make sure you’re buying things you’ll actually wear and that they’ll fit in with your current style. For example, you could say you’re style is classic, fresh, and clean. You could also say that your style is upbeat, funky, and unique. These words are just a guide for you so that you can ensure you don’t end up buying clothes that aren’t right for you. You might like certain items of clothing on the hanger, only to end up realizing that they don’t match anything else you own when you get it home.


I found a video that told me exactly this and I went about redesigning my wardrobe around these keywords. For me these were minimal, quality and monochrome.

Make A Note Of What You Feel Especially Good Wearing

Figuring out your style is all about making a note of what you feel especially good in – and what you don’t feel so good in. Look at things you’ve worn in the past and then work out why you didn’t feel great. Perhaps you needed something more fitted, or perhaps the size/color was all wrong. You can learn a lot from your past purchases.

Refelction is never a bad thing, and making changes aren’t either. Progression is built on making changes. All you need to prove this is to check what clothes you used to wear back in your high school days. For me it was grey joggers with nike dunks and Osaka hoodys. It’s safe to say my style has evolved for the better.

Have a clear out and then make a note of the sort of things you need in your wardrobe to fill the gaps. Don’t buy everything at once. Wait for items you really love, and be prepared to spend a little bit more. Purchasing high quality items that are well made will mean they stand the test of time, and you’ll end up spending less in the long run than if you were to purchase throwaway fashion items.


These three steps form a good basis to go from, try to avoid impulse buying and ponder on items you think you want, if a few weeks have passed and you are still Googling that item everyday then you know it’s for you. Good luck finding your own style, it doesn’t have to be complicated, it just has to be you!

– Jack



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