Get Out and Explore More: Solo Trips

Inspired by my recent trips abroad I have that all too familiar travel-bug. Travelling/exploring new places is definitely my favourite thing to do and you should consider getting out and about more too!

Finding the right balance between being alone in an unfamiliar place and having some connection to the outside world is not always easy when you’re exploring. You need to think about your own personal safety, as well as the chance you have to get back to nature and avoid the frustration of modern life. Here are a couple of tips and precautions you should take before setting off on your own adventure.

Know the Area Before You Leave

Before you actually head out into the wild, you should have a clear idea of what you’re actually getting into. You’re not going to get very far if you don’t even know what’s waiting for you when you reach your destination. If you will be exploring more rural or even extreme environments, it is essential to know the risks and dangers that you’re going to be faced with and try to learn how to mitigate them. If you fail to do that, you will only end up regretting it later, so it’s in your interest to get this right first of all.

Make the Most of Your Solitude

When you have some time alone to yourself, it makes sense to embrace it. It’s not always possible for you to get that alone time. But when you’re alone with nothing by nature, you should really make the most of it. Make time for yourself and your own thoughts. Simply being able to clear your mind and get some clarity on the various situations in your life could turn out to be very eye-opening for you.


Though you may be somewhat reliant on your phone for directions or guidance, you should take this time to allow yourself to be free from the ball and chain that is social media. Taking a break will relieve the stress of constant scrolling and checking notifications and allow you some time to think about the things that truly matter.

Make Sure People Know Where You Are

This is a matter of safety and it’s something that shouldn’t be ignored. What would happen if you travelled alone and even went out exploring in the wilderness with no one knowing where you were and then you got hurt or injured in some way? It would mean that no one would come to help and you’d be stuck. That’s why it’s good to retain that safety net of letting people know where you are, just in case.


One for the Tech Guys…Stay Connected With Solar Panels

If you do want to have some access to power when you’re exploring, is is possible. Should you decide to spend some of your time away camping for a few days you should think about how you will obtain some power should you need it. You could invest in some portable solar panels and set them up near to where you’re camping. You can get these from places like 4WD Supacentre if you’re interested. It might be worthwhile, even if it’s just for emergency usages. You always need to think about that when you’re exploring.

Enjoy Your Surroundings

Lastly, you just need to do what you can to enjoy the surroundings you find yourself in. There’s nothing wrong with doing nothing much more than explore your surroundings and marvel at the landscapes you find yourself in. It would be a huge waste not to.

Making the most of your time alone in the wilderness is important because we don’t often get the chance to escape the city and everything that comes with modern life. But it’s all about getting that balance right, and if you take note of these tips, you should be able to do that.

I will be taking as many steps as I can to get out and about this summer and you should too!

– Jack


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