My Pre-Holiday Grooming Routine

With my holiday (another? I know!) to the Canaries looming around the corner (23rd May) I have devised a little preparation guide. Nothing gets me into the holiday-zone more than pre-holiday preparation. Grooming is one of the most important aspects of this prep, once you have your new clothes bought, suitcase packed and travel all sorted you should make sure you don’t arrive to your destination looking all Fred Flintstone. Cue the tips.


This is number one on my list of priorities when preparing myself for a holiday. Currently, as I write this I’m sat with a mop on my head, just waiting to be cut. I’m waiting right until the day before my holiday to get it cut as having it as short as possible is key for the summer heat of the Canaries. The downside is that I have to come to work with my hair looking like I have a fluffy cat perched on my cranium but this slight drawback will be worth it come haircut day.


I always opt for a skin-fade, it keeps the sides ultra short meaning I don’t even have to touch them for about 2/3 weeks and this then blends up to my longer hair on top (which still isn’t that long). I prefer waking up and not having much to do with my hair, I feel having it as long as it now means it needs much more TLC than I’m prepared to give it. The fellas down at Dale St Barbers always sort me out so if you’re looking for a chop in Liverpool, definitely give them a shout.


For us none-bearded folk, chances are we keep what we have of our facial hair trimmed short or even shaved all the way off. I like to run the no facial hair game, kind of by choice but not really. I have a select few brands I use, one of which is Panasonic, knowing the brands that work for you is essential. Even Rio Ferdinand rolls with them and as a fellow Manchester United fan and a man that grooms, I stand with him.

Panasonic’s grooming channel has a number of great videos that I’ve personally found very useful and provided some well needed advice when it comes to grooming time. Give them a subscription and you might learn a trick or two. Having the right set of tools is essential and remembering that quality is key, especially when you’re dealing with sharp objects close to your skin!


Besides downing loads of water each day, your skins best friend is a solid skincare routine. I have good intentions by telling you this but feel guilty as I find it hard to stick to said routine. The goal here is to set an achievable task of skincare each day so that you don’t get to the point of sacking it off. As a good base I’d start with a quality face-scrub to use in the shower, followed by an equally good quality moisturiser for that all-important hydration post-shower.


Listed in the ‘Other’ section are the little things that you forget yet come to realise once you’re a few thousand miles away from home and no longer have access to your manly grooming set. Things like cutting your nails, sorting your monobrow and bringing your floss. All very easy to forget, yet it happens. Now it won’t.


Travel Bottles

These things are your best friends whilst travelling, though not to be used pre-holiday they are worth the mention as they mean you can bring your quality grooming products in a miniature form and still reap the benefits from them whilst travelling. You can pick these up just about anywhere, Primark sell some for around £1.

One quick tip, The Body Shop give out free tester pots for specific products like body butters, so ask in store for a free sample pot and you will not only have your sample but a re-usable pot to store things like hair products or moisturiser in, should you be travelling for a couple of days.

– Jack


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