Taking Time Travelling with Thomas and George

As you read the title of this article you learn the importance of punctuation, no, I am not currently time-travelling however I am travelling with my timepiece and right now I am writing this from the snowy mountains of Norway.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on the Chesterfield watch from Thomas and George, a Liverpool-based company that specialises in affordable yet quality time-telling wrist-wear.

Travelling requires a mastery of timekeeping and a watch is essential for this, sure, your phone tells the time but when you are running on 30% battery after a long day of travelling and your boarding passes are electronically stored on it you don’t want to use those precious energy units. Enter the watch…


I only own one watch, yes – one! A metal-linked Tommy Hilfiger number which has served me well on a daily basis since I was gifted it two years ago. However, the modern day gentleman knows versatility is key and thankfully Thomas and George have got this point covered by providing the lucky owner of their Chesterfield watch with three inter-changeable straps.

I’d love to say I opted for a certain strap but I received the watch about an hour before I was due to head off to the airport so I stuck with the brown strap that the watch arrived with. Not that that is a bad thing I must add, I have been yearning for a brown strapped watch for some time now – pardon the pun. I have also been a fan of black leather straps therefore having the option to opt for either colour should I require a leather strap is great!


Believe it or not, this was taken in the snowy mountains of Norway, not the sunny beaches of the Caribbean

However, the game-changer for me is the inclusion of the third strap, the fabric, nano strap in the blue and white colourway. I have had my eyes set on similar watches for the summer most notably those from a certain DW brand so receiving a watch that has not only two leather options but also a spring/summer inspired strap provides the ultimate versatility in carrying this watch with me year-round.

Enough about the straps, the watch face is everything you need, it is minimal and sleek. You may enjoy having six dials and eight buttons to click on your watch but not me. I consider myself somewhat of a minimalist and this watch fits perfectly into that ethos. It is also comfortable and works well with a lot of my clothing choices.

Thomas and George really are doing great things, they keep their prices to a very affordable level whilst still maintaining quality throughout their products. The inclusion of multiple straps with this watch was definitely a highlight for me, I’m sure it will be making more than one appearance over on my Instagram.

I suggest you go and check out their store and give them a follow over on their Twitter and Instagram!

– Jack



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