I’m Leaving the Country…Four Times

I am not one for waiting around, summer isn’t here yet but I’m already jet-setting. I have 4 holidays in the pipeline for the next couple of months and I couldn’t be more excited for all of them. I have a mix of everything coming up, sea, sun, snow and cities. I thought I would write a personal article of where I’ll be going, if you follow me on social media I’ll be bringing you along with me so be sure to follow me!

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End of March – Bergen, Norway

I am no stranger to Norway, this trip will mark easily over 10 trips here over the past 6/7 years. Visiting Norway at Easter (or Påske) means snow, and lots of it, especially in the mountains which is where I will be visiting as I did in Christmas. With all the snow there is only one activity that must be partaken in, skiing!


A very in-experienced skier tackling slopes out of his caliber

I suck at skiing but then again I haven’t spent my whole life traversing snow-laden hills at a downward angle therefore I haven’t built up any sort of skill for the sport. After a couple of skiing trips in the past few years I have learnt to slow down and come to a stop should I need to, which is handy when flying down a hill – trust me! But really, I am looking forward to it and couldn’t be sharing the trip with a nicer family than my girlfriends, so bring it on…just make sure I have some insurance booked!


Mid April – Qawra, Malta

Again, this is another country I am very familiar with, this will be my fourth trip to Malta and what better reason to take a trip there than to see my dad who lives over there, not bad hey? My girlfriend Maren will be joining me for her first visit as I feel I owe it to her to show her around a country that is a massive part of my dads side of my families life.


I’m looking forward to topping up my already half-there tan with a bit of sunbathing and sightseeing as well as grabbing some #sick shots for the Instagram grid. There is one thing you can guarantee in Malta and that is that it will be HOT! Sun cream at the ready.


End of May – Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria

Speaking of sun, Gran Canaria is famed for its year-round sunny weather. Should my Maltese-tan fade a little between April and May I’ll be sure to top it up on the sandy beaches of the Canaries. Yet again another place I have been quite a few times, but why fix it if it isn’t broken! I love coming to the Canaries, it is definitely the perfect relaxation place that also offers plenty of nightlife for after the meal out.


Start of June – Prague, Czech Republic

There’s always a wildcard and this is it. I have certainly never been to the Czech Republic before and haven’t really give it much thought in the past, however planning a trip with Sam from The Man Blueprint led to this being a mutual decision and I’m looking forward to trying something new and immersing into a new country I know nothing about! Also I’ve heard the beer is dirt cheap – shame I don’t like beer…


So, that’s the round up of where I will be over the next few months, my bank account has took a hard hit but you can’t put a price on experiences can you? Let me know in the comments where you’re planning to go this year and what you’re getting up to there! I’m always open for some holiday excitement. If you need me, I’ll probably be on a plane somewhere!

– Jack



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