My Fitness Journey – Month 2

A little later than it should be for the month of February but here we are. In terms of progression, I’m smashing it. Not to blow my own trumpet but I’m seeing substantial progression in the gym and have started hitting new PRs nearly every workout. I’m not sure where this spontaneous consistency and work ethic has come from but I’m taking advantage of it!

Not too sure what’s been going on lately but my gym seems to be full of people no matter what time I go. There used to be a ‘sweet spot’ between 12-3pm when everyone was seemingly busy / in work. But now it seems like everyone has quit their jobs or has decided to come on their lunch break. Whatever, I guess I’ll just have to wait a bit longer to get on the machines I want to use – no sweat.

This month I have been maintaining my protein levels with the help of my competition winnings from +ProteinWater, 18 bottles of their 20g protein drinks (which taste great) and a case of 12 Grenade bars (equally as great) have ensured I’ve been hitting my daily totals and may be somewhat contributing to my success inside the gym, aiding with recovery allowing me to get back in there for the next workout.

I’ve had a bit more time on my hands this month so I’ve upped my training days to around 4-5 workouts a week, just because I can. If I feel fatigued I will of course take a rest day but having all this free-time allows me to get to the gym multiple times a week whilst having plenty of time to sleep and cook that all important food for growth and recovery.

Increases in my bench, OHP, weighted chin-ups and sumo deadlift have all occurred this month. But numbers speak louder than words so here they are:

Bench – 85kg for 3 reps

OHP – 50kg for 5 reps

Chins – 20kg for 3

Sumo Deadlift – 100kg for 1

Regarding weight loss, I’ve been aiming to stay on a cut, I’m still as loose as ever with tracking my macros which will ultimately be my downfall in a successful cut. However with another holiday booked for Easter this month the pressure is on to shave a bit off the sides a little more intuitively. Nonetheless, I have lost some weight this month whilst increasing my lifts so all appears to be well.

New weight – 190.3lbs

My aims for next month is to up my cardio a little more, I have started to include a little 5-minute workout-orientated cardio session to the end of my lifting sessions for a bit of added calorie burning goodness. For example on pull days I have been adding rowing to the end of my workout, on leg days I have started incline treadmill walking. There is probably no carry-over effect to this method but I feel a little more motivated to do the cardio if it is targeting the same muscle groups that I am already in the mindset for concentrating on – albeit for five measly minutes.

I am also planning to be much stricter on tracking my macros, I know that this is ultimately the key to unlocking my success with training yet I avoid it time and time again. I have reinstalled MyFitnessPal and intend to use it daily to keep me on track. This is the most optimal way that I will achieve any sort of results before my upcoming holidays so I hope I can stick to it!

That’s a wrap, see you next month!

– Jack


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