Jet-Setting Aviation with Jacamo

I’ll be honest with you, ever since Jacamo featured Johnny Vegas as the front-man for their brand I have never shown much interest in them. I thought that the clothes they stocked would be all starting from size large and rise from there, and mainly feature “dad-style” clothing.

However when I was approached by Jacamo to work with them, after my initial scepticism, I scoured their site and was pleasantly surprised that my judgements were completely wrong.

Jacamo stocks well known brands like Timberland, Adidas and Levi’s, another thing I wasn’t aware of! Whilst sizes do go up to 5XL for the more built gentleman their sizes do actually start at a size small.

Their clothing is very up to date and not “dad-style” at all, I mean they have ditched Mr Vegas and gone for a more trendy Freddie Flintoff as their main man which I am all for (I may be biased as a Lancashire lad).

Some of my favourite pieces on their website include the Track Top, the Timberland Chelsea boots and the Jacamo Borg Denim Jacket.

My pick of the bunch however was the Faux Sherpa Aviator Jacket, I’ve previously seen guys wearing aviator jackets and they have always struck me as a cool piece of gear so I had to snap one up. The jacket itself is lined on the inside with a faux sherpa fleece to keep you warm and features a twin buckle detail at the top of the zip. The quality is great and the jacket has a rugged feel to it making me feel like a bouncer, only more sharply dressed.

Unfortunately I do not own a plane, therefore could not give the aviator a fully fledged test-run but I did go and shoot some pictures to give you a better look at the jacket instead – seems like a fair compromise.


A big thank you to the Jacamo team for sending me the jacket! Go check their jackets out over at

– Jack

The review of this jacket is totally in my own opinion and has not been influenced by the brand.

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