My Fitness Journey – Month 1

So here it is, the end of the month, and to be honest with you I’ve really put in the effort throughout! Endless days of aching day after day have somewhat paid off and progress is beginning to fire up.

I’ve had a great month in terms of blogging as well as the training side so far! With the recent collaboration with Body Branded all typed up and published I have been using the Reebok gear they sent over to power through my workouts whilst looking stylish doing-so. The picture I’ve included from this post aren’t in the actual gym I go to but more the “fitness suite” that is included with the apartments I’m living in. I do actually lift weights, not just cycling and air-rowing.


Rowing has played no part in my fitness routine this month whatsoever…

I’m trying to use all of this positivity to push my fitness momentum and keep the streak going, that and booking a holiday to Malta in April has given me a goal date to work towards so that definitely helps – I want to be in a place where I’m more than comfortable with my body by the poolside/beach.

Anyway, the progress.

This month I have stuck to my Push-Pull-Legs split and I am enjoying the variety of exercises it allows me to perform. Variety is key when trying to stick to anything like this so having the option to switch it up now and then keeps me sane whilst working out. Although, aiming for 6-days a week has proved itself to be a bit of pipe-dream whilst I’ve been working sometimes 5-days a week but I have stuck to at least 3 workouts a week to keep the numbers moving.

I have seen steady increases in my numbers and I am more than happy with the progress I am making, here’s what I have ended the month on vs. the start of the month (bold will indicate weight increases):

Bench press: 75×5, 65×6, 62.5×8  | Now: 80×5, 70×6, 67.5×8

OHP:  45×5, 37.5×6, 32.5×8 | Now: 45×5, 40×6, 35×8

Weighted Chin-ups: 15×3, 10×5, 0x8 | Now: 15×5, 10×6, 5×8

Rack Pull: 90×3, 80×4, 70×5 | Now: 115×1, 110×3, 100×5

BB Curl: 15×5, 12.5×6, 10×8 | Now: 18.25×3, 15×6, 10×8

Squats: 50 x 5 | Now: 60×3, 50×5, 40×8

Overall, lots of increases in weight, particularly happy with my bench and rack pulls, OHP has moved up on the lower weights with little movement on squats (due to a lack of motivation to go and actually do them). A bit more tweaking with my motivation should sort out the lifts that haven’t budged much, they are down to my ability to get down to the gym, not my strength levels, so luckily it is something that I can fix.


I have stayed relatively on track with my diet this month, avoiding what could’ve been huge slip-ups like people wanting to order takeaways, I think my willpower is actually getting stronger, although I am firmly caning the zero-cal monsters which I should nip back a little but they fire me up for a workout on a day that I would’ve skipped previously so the benefit is there. Here are the numbers for my weigh-in:

Was: 195lbs | Now: 192lbs

Tracking weight loss can be a tricky one, a lot of factors come into play such as water loss, natural fluctuations and food quantity consumed on a given day. All of these factors apply and when you throw building muscle into the mix it can get confusing trying to work out if the weight you lost means you’re not building muscle (because muscle weighs more than fat) or if your weight gain is due to gluttony or the addition of new muscle. Check out this fat loss guide should you be having any troubles shifting the weight.


Take home points for myself…

I’m happy with the progress on my lifts, seeing them increase in weight is a real motivator, I need to ensure that I’m going to the gym as often as I can and not skipping days (especially legs). My diet has been good but could be better, taking lunch to work eliminates that factor of “just popping to Greggs” for my lunch. I haven’t done as many HIIT workouts as I would’ve liked to so I plan to up the frequency of those this coming month of Feb. But overall a good month – or 21 days as I started this a bit late into January!

See you next month.

– Jack


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