Monthly Favourites – January

I’ve always watched videos and recently saw a couple of other bloggers doing a ‘favourites’ post so I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and give you a taste of what I’ve been feeling this January!

First things first it has to be the Black Mirror series on Netflix, every episode is different yet equally as gripping, warning of the dangers that modern technology may lead to. Some are easier to watch than other however I wouldn’t worry too much about them being scary… as I first did as I typed into Google “is Black Mirror scary?”. Sue me.


Next up is Shadow of Mordor for PS4, I used to be into gaming as much as any other teenage lad but recently I mainly use my PS4 to watch Netflix and Youtube on. However, I recently picked up this game after previously owning it but never bothering with it too much, so I decided I’d give it another run through and managed to complete it thanks to my completely free schedule that I have. If you like Assassins Creed and the Lord of the Rings Trilogy you’ll certainly love this one.

If you followed me at the start of the month you would know that I recently picked up a new pair of Nike Air Force 1’s, again another item that I have previously owned. This is my third pair and I take no shame in rebuying for a third time as I love them that much, such a classic shoe that matches up with most outfit choices. But this time I have vowed to keep them clean and only wear on clear days!


Not an object as such but nonetheless high intensity interval training (HIIT) is certainly something I have become more of a fan of this month giving it a shot for the first time. I now try to implement at least one HIIT session per week in between my actual training days for that calorie burning effect. Definitely have a look into it if you’re looking for a bout of fat loss.

Speaking of training, when I need a good kicking to shift over to the gym I have a secret weapon in the form of the Zero-cal Monster Energy drinks. The caffeine hit fires me up ready for a workout and the lack of calories means I can continue my fast should I be intermittent fasting. There are a couple of added goodies in the can too such as the L-Carnitine (often used as a weight-loss supplement) and a few B-vitamins for good measure. Probably not something I should advocate to use regularly should you be following a healthy diet but they are the one when you need a little pick-me-up so I had to give them their shout out.


Finally my favourite food spot this January has to be Kasbah on Bold St, here in Liverpool. This was my third time here and I love it just as much as I love wearing the Fez hats once inside.


If you like Moroccan food you will love this place, alternatively, if you’re unsure if you like Moroccan food (like I was) then you too will love the food. I’d recommend ordering some hummus and flatbread as a starter and then one of their Tagines, all washed down with their homemade Moroccan lemonade which i’m convinced has superpowers dissolved into it. If you’re in town looking for a place to eat, give this place a go, you will not be disappointed!

I think that wraps up my January favourites, I’m going to be risky and wrap it up before the end of the month but incase anything pops up after this post I’ll throw it in the February post!

– Jack


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