My Fitness Journey – Start

Funnily enough, despite the title, this isn’t the start of my fitness journey at all. I’ve been ‘training’ for years, however I have been so inconsistent that I’ve pretty much fluctuated up and down with my progress and made hardly any noticeable ‘gains’.

Now, I could be being a little hard on myself in that I do have reminders of what I used to look like with progression pictures (which are a great idea for progress checks) and also I recognise that my strength has increased as I remember my old 1 rep max on bench press is what I use to warm up with now – so there has been some progress. Just not enough.

I wanted to start to try and track my fitness journey throughout this year as an extra motivator for myself and for anyone who is interested to read along, hopefully inspiring you also.


Putting in the work whilst on holiday – I wish!

I do currently work around 3-4 times a week which does leave me with quite a bit of spare time to go to the gym, which is just around the corner from where I live which certainly helps when I’m feeling lazy! I’m aiming to be at the gym at least 3 times per week but ideally 6.

I am following a PPL split, which is Push, Pull and Legs, having the workouts split into these 3 allows me to attack each major muscle group with enough rest time in between the next workout.

Push workouts will focus on chest, tricep and shoulder exercises such as bench press, overhead press and weighted dips. Pull workouts will tackle the whole back, biceps and rear deltoids with weighted chin-ups, rack pulls and barbell curls. Finally legs (pretty obvious) will hit the legs using exercises such as the squat, stiff-leg deadlift and calf raises.

A pretty simple workout that brings in key elements of training like progressive overload, reverse pyramid training and some rest-pause training.

The aim is to increase muscle, however, I’m in a predicament of not knowing what I should be focusing on, everyone’s favourite dilemma – to cut or bulk? I have some extra fat I want to be rid of but also feel that I’m not big enough to be cutting, so should I focus on increasing muscle size in a surplus or drop the extra fat and start bulking from there? I think I’m going to follow the latter. So I may have just answered my own question there…

Anyway, I will use these posts to track my progress and share it for you all to see too. I hope this will motivate me to keep on track and ditch the inconsistency because I know I can make much more progress than I have in the past.


Here are my starting statistics and lifting performances (main lifts) right now:

Weight: 195lbs – with a goal of cutting (starting at 2400Kcals)

Bench press: 75kg x 5 reps – “What do you bench, bro?”

OHP: 45kg x 5 reps

Weighted Chin-ups: 15kg x 3 reps

Rack Pull: 90kg x 3 reps

BB Curl: 15kg either side of an EZ-curl bar x 5 reps

Squat: 50kg x 5 reps – This is pretty embarassing but to be honest I’ve been skipping leg day so much lately that I have to start back at the bottom to work my way back up and I find these the hardest exercise – I guess being 6,2 doesn’t help either. One of the lifts I want to work on the most for sure.

So there you have it, where I’m currently at, what my goals are (cutting whilst trying to increase in strength) and the exercises I am using to reach the goal. I will more than likely try to keep the updates with this pretty frequent, maybe at the start and end of each month. Maybe I’ll post progress pictures if I ever see some ‘gains’ but until then i’m keeping them to myself haha!

If you managed to make it this far, let me know if you have any fitness goals you’re aiming to smash in 2018 in the comments below!

For now, I better get back to my plan.

– Jack





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