Want to Smash your New Years Resolutions for 2018? Make Sure you are Following These 5 Tips!

Reducing your body fat, saving money, being tidier, whatever your New Years resolutions may be the basic steps to ensuring you stick to them and see them through are the same. Everyone wants to improve themselves, some more than others and that’s great that people can identify something they need to work on and motivate themselves to improve – which leads us right into the first tip…


You have to motivate yourself. Without motivation what is going to stop you from reaching for the chocolate bar or putting down the book you vowed to read by the end of the month? You have to find yourself a ‘why?’. Many people suggest that having a ‘why?’ to explain why you’re working on a certain aspect greatly increases your chances of sticking to your long term goal.


You might have a holiday coming up in the summer and want to look great on the beach so are hitting the gym hard, this holiday is your why (for the short term) and a long term goal can be set (like wanting to look aesthetic all year round) once this short term target has been hit.

There are plenty of motivational speeches and speakers on Youtube that I would recommend, particularly Eric Thomas. Binge watch a couple of his videos before the year is done and you’ll be raring to go come the 1st Jan!

Set yourself achievable goals

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your six-pack be (I’m still waiting for mine 22 years on!). setting yourself achievable goals will ensure that you’re actually able to obtain the goal you set which will drive you to better yourself.


Setting an unrealistic goal such as making your first million by the end of January 2018 will only push you further away from what you’re trying to achieve. Start out with small achievable checkpoints which will work your way up to achieving that final goal.

Make it personal to you

Your goal is exactly that YOURS, don’t just copy someone else’s resolution and think “yeah that would be alright if I did that”, approaching it with this half-arsed mentality will not push you to better yourself as the change you want to make is not something you’re passionate about or want to achieve.

Take time to reflect on your progress

It’s easy to be harsh on yourself, to say “ugh I’m still fat” or “I’m not where I wanted to be”, but take time, depending on what your goal is, to reflect on your progress so far.

If your resolution is to lose weight then keep a journal of how much you weigh and take new measurements each week at the same day/time (mornings are usually a bit more reliable) – but don’t become obsessed with measuring because everything takes time so you might not see much change day-to-day.


Looking back on how far you’ve come will only motivate you and push you more, if you notice upon reflection that you haven’t achieved as much as you thought, instead of being negative and giving up turn this into a positive and use it as a motivator to push yourself harder. Being able to critique yourself is an essential skill and is what most likely led to you coming up with this resolution in the first place.

Enjoy it

Probably most importantly, you should enjoy working towards the goal you have set. Yes, you should take it seriously, be passionate and commit to making the goal come through but you need to make sure that your state of mind is on equal par with everything else going on.

If you’ve made the active decision to eat healthier then don’t starve yourself, this will only lead to binge-eating and falling off the diet – make your meals healthy but enjoyable.

If you’re feeling run-down on a gym day take that day off, don’t beat yourself up further about it and ensure you get right back on track once you feel mentally and physically back to 100%.

Doing something that you hate will not be something that  you are doing for very long. If the ‘thing’ you are doing is something you don’t particularly enjoy then try to make it more enjoyable and try to maintain the work you’re putting in for the duration of the course.


Good luck and I hope you smash your New Years resolutions, whatever they may be!

– Jack


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