Christmas Gift Guide – 2017

Every time Christmas comes around I’m always stuck for what to ask for, people ask me and I haven’t a clue, thus the online search begins. Because I’ve found so much use in other gift guides over the years I thought I would include one of my own to give back and hopefully help out some of you looking for gifts for a guy or looking for ideas for your own gifts. Without further ado let’s get started…

Reiss T-Shirt

Plain T-shirts are a staple in anyone’s wardrobe, I used to buy all of mine from H&M for £5.99 each and they did the job, however, I have realised that investing in quality over quantity is a much better approach to take and have since swapped my multiple cheap black plain tees for a quality Reiss Bless black T-shirt, the quality is much more durable and keeps it’s shape even after multiple washes. The shirt itself was £30 which isn’t too much of an investment for a staple in your wardrobe.


Image – Reiss

Cornerstone Set

Their name isn’t Cornerstone by coincidence, their shaving sets are packed full of quality and for a very reasonable price. I was fortunate to be sent one of their new razors as part of their gift set and I love it, I have previously been a Cornerstone customer a few years back and was more than happy to try their upgraded razor. Perfect for the well-groomed gentleman.



Complete with (are you ready?) a razor, spare razor heads, blade covers, shave gel, face scrub and post-shave gel, you’re definitely getting bang for your buck. I’m not finished yet, you can also custom engrave your initials (up to 3 letters) onto the razor, giving it that personal touch, I got JLS which are my initials, which also happens to be shared with the name of a boy-band from not so long ago…sigh.


Tim Easley Print

Whether you’re into art or not, having a modern print on display somewhere in your home / man-cave will be sure to draw attention when guests visit, not only that but it will brighten up your bare walls. I recently came across Tim Easley, an illustrator from London, and was fortunate enough to be sent some of his work. An A4 piece like the one below would look great on an office desk or even hung up in a games room – should your house have one of those. Be sure to check him out!

Nike Running Trainers

For the gym go-er or anyone who is moderately active I’d certainly pick up a new pair of running trainers, and that’s what I did. I just purchased the Nike Free RN 2 from the Nike website for less than £70 and I love them, sleek, lightweight and comfortable. Get them whilst they are still on sale!


Chefs’ Knife

If you’re into cooking as much as I wish I was then you should get yourself a good-quality chefs knife, don’t waste your money on 10-packs of cheap knives from Ikea, one well-made chefs knife will do the job of 10. I’d recommend the signature cooks knife from Robert Welch

A new fragrance 

The classic Christmas gift for guys, the aftershave. Previously I have wrote about how a guy should find his own signature scent, Christmas is the perfect time to get testing some samplers out and ask Santa for the full-size bottle. A couple of my favourites I have tried recently are Givenchy – Gentleman and Mont Blanc – Legend. I also currently own Hermés – Terre d’Hermés which I would definitely recommend for anyone looking for a new fragrance.


So there you have it,just a few suggestions of what I personally own that may spark some ideas for your own personal Christmas list.

– Jack


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