Murdock London: “We Don’t Do Christmas Hangovers!”

As their name suggests Murdock London are based in London, England. They offer a wide range of services and gifts specifically tailored to shape you into the perfect gentleman.

Not just a one-trick-pony, Murdock London have an extensive luxury men’s grooming range and boast nine traditional barbershops open, with eight being in London in some of the most highly notable areas like the Soho area, Covent Garden and Regent Street. They have even recently opened up a new barbershop in Paris, broadening their reach to outside of the UK.

Their gifts range offer everything you or the significant gentleman in your life would need to keep in tip-top shape for the festive season. The range includes but is not limited to beard oils, hair clays, shaving sets and even their own signature colognes.


If you’re in London (or Paris), be sure to stop by to one of their aforementioned traditional barbershops, with services such as hair cuts, wet shaves and facials you will be sure to leave feeling a new man.

Just in time for Christmas they have launched their new “The Hair of the Dog” exclusive service which will include an express Murdock facial, a hair wash, dry and style, all topped off with a Silent Pool Bloody Mary to sip on. Possibly the best way to fight off your hangover and get revitalised and on with your day!

Here are some tips from Murdock London themselves to keep you from the deadly grasp of the hangover during your festive period:

  1. A traditional wet shave is basically a sauna session for your face, the hot towel treatment will drain the alcohol right out of your system as the hot steam vaporises those nasty toxins lurking in your skin.
    thumbnail_Murdock Hangover - Beard Trim
  2. Their eye serum will refresh those tired, red eyes, bringing you back to life after a night of partying. There’s no room here for dark circles, simply dab a couple of drops around the skin of the eyes and re-hydrate those vision spheres of yours.
    thumbnail_Murdock Hangover - Eye Serum
  3. The classic ‘Hair of the Dog‘, if the old colloquial expression is baring any truths then Murdock London have you covered with their signature Silent Pool Bloody Mary to sort you right out, especially if you’re recovering from the night before to get back out there later on in the day.The cocktail is built up with:30ml Silent Pool Gin
    120ml Turner & Hardy
    15ml lemon juice
    7 drops Tabasco hot sauce
    4 dashes Worcestershire sauce
    2 pinches celery salt
    2 grinds black pepper

    thumbnail_Murdock Hangover - Bloody Mary

    So remember, be sure to check out Murdock London, their London-based barbershops and online store for the perfect grooming Christmas gifts. Now go out and enjoy yourself, just don’t forget those hangover tips!

    – Jack


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