Liverpool – German Christmas Markets

With December well under-way the so-called Christmas spirit is hard to avoid, and what better way to kick-start the yuletide season than a good old German-style market. Here in Liverpool we are spoilt with two different markets but we decided on the one outside of Lime St station / St Georges Hall.

Cosy lighting, wooden shacks and good food. There’s a reason these markets are always teaming with visitors.

Starting with possibly the best thing first…the food. Going to a Christmas market whilst hungry is never a good idea but luckily we were spoilt for choice for options. Bratwurst, Hunters Stew and even a Christmas dinner wrapped up in a Yorkshire pudding! We took the plunge on a traditional German food stall and got Kartoffel – which directly translates to potato but it was so much more. Roasted potatoes, sausage, bacon, onion and tomato all topped with a homemade garlic sauce. It was so nice that I felt I had to go back to the stall and tell the fella we loved it.


There are also of course the confectionery stalls ready to rot your teeth in an instant – meh, worth it. A favourite in our household are the chocolate coated marshmallows found across all Christmas markets. With flavours like white Toblerone, chocolate orange, Baileys and gingerbread, it’s hard to turn them down, especially for £1 each.


But that’s not all! they also have fudge stalls filled with all sorts of flavours, I may have also sampled a cube or two from this stall too! Who could say no to a Nutella flavoured fudge block?


OK, with the food out of the way, the surroundings weren’t half bad either with cosy lights, everyone wrapped up warm and being surrounded by cheerful people. Afterwards I felt like I was fully in the Christmas mode and only the jolly fat man himself could be merrier.


Christmas is on the way, I’m nowhere near finished with my shopping but at least a festive trip to the markets fired up my Christmas feeling. We might be visiting Manchester in the next couple of weeks so I’ll be sure to update my blog if we do so stay tuned as there will be more festivities coming during the countdown to Christmas!

– Jack


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