The Minimalism Method – Clothing

Carrying on from the introduction, this article is the first real part of the minimalism method and quite an ironic one at that. At the moment I write this post I’m in dire need of a wardrobe ‘re-write’ myself and with Christmas on the horizon new items of clothing will be sure to make their way in.

Round everything up

This means a clear out is needed, this is your first step. Shirts, T-shirts, Jeans, Shorts, Socks…everything! Pile all your clothes into a room outside of the room you store your clothes in – this will make your deciding much easier as you can re-visualise your ‘new’ projected wardrobe. Split the piles into sections and go from there, working your way through.

Get rid of anything deemed unusable such as ripped or broken items. Donate or sell anything still of worth or use, there’s no need to throw something that someone may have use of!

Be strict with yourself, you will find yourself trying to cling to that shirt that you haven’t worn since you bought it, trust me, you won’t ever wear it so get it gone. This is one tip that I need to apply myself, I keep having mini-clear-outs but keep holding onto the same t-shirts and still haven’t batted an eyelid at them since the last clear-out.


Know what you need and stick to it

Once you’ve got past the painful but rewarding process of de-cluttering, you will have much more space and can begin the rebuilding process.

You should take some key words and use these to design your new wardrobe using current pieces as well as drafting up a wishlist to fill the missing gaps in your grand design. These keywords can be as simple or niche as you like, personally I follow a trend of ‘simple’, ‘monochrome’ and ‘minimal’. However yours could be ‘bright’, ‘colourful’ and ‘vintage’ just make it fit your style.

The gaps in your wardrobe will become apparent once you sift through what you have left. With Christmas on the horizon you will now have some items on your wishlists for friends and family to fill in, should they ask what to get you.

A pretty simple post in general, clear out your old clothes, sort the ones you do like and find the gaps that will make your wardrobe perfect. keep on-top of this at monthly intervals, the clear-outs won’t be as huge each time hereafter so don’t worry!

Be sure to check in for my next instalment coming soon!

– Jack





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