The Lasting Effect of a Fresh Haircut

This one is going to be a very simple article, all about your hair and the effect of having it cut. For any of my bald followers out there, this might not apply but the take home message carries through so don’t click away just yet!

I recently touched on how staying well groomed boosts your confidence in my grooming article, a haircut is no different. In a matter of 20-30 minutes you can transform from scruffy to squitherly, leaving you feeling a lot better about yourself and maybe a couple of pounds lighter.

Trust me, I have looked back at photos from a few years ago and thought what was I thinking? I’m sure you can relate too. The dream would be to get my hair chopped every week to keep it looking sharp and fresh at all points. However, at £15 a time, this luxury isn’t that cost-effective, thus a tri-weekly or even monthly haircut will suffice. Looking well groomed is essential to making a good first impression so getting to know your barber is certainly a good way to keep your hair from looking like a wild bush. Take this ‘candid’ photo of my bedhead for example and you’ll see what I mean.


Well groomed? I think not.

There are a million different hairstyles out there and it can be daunting to find a new one for you, especially if you have been rocking the same average cut for about 10 years. I find Google images and YouTube tutorials pretty handy when it comes to finding that perfect look. Although you can’t physically try-on your new hairstyle you get a pretty good idea of what it could look like on you.

Personally, I used to go for the good old short back and sides, longer on-top, which was fine for me until recently where I found I was bored of it and wanted to find a way to spruce it up a little. So I opted for a similar idea with the short sides, longer top but decided to buzz the sides down to a zero giving a skin fade effect. The short sides keeps my hair looking tidy yet the longer top gives me a bit of freedom to ‘mess’ around with it.

If you’re in the Liverpool area, definitely check out Dale St Barbers located on none other than Dale St, worth a look if you’re after a quality trim with great customer service.


And by zero I mean ZERO.


Enough about me, YOU should find a haircut that suits you but most of all you feel comfortable and confident having. Making an effort really does shine through and people recognise it and will feel more comfortable with you compared to if you go all Shadrach Dingle on them (like in the first picture). Caring about your appearance is something that not every man adheres to and they really should! As I said people will notice and it will only open doors for you whether it be potential job openings, new relationships or even a compliment from an old friend.

Don’t make it a chore, embrace the hair you have – just be sure to treat it with care (use a quality shampoo and conditioner).

Stay fresh, stay sharp and look your best.

– Jack


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