Discover Yourself With a Signature Fragrance

Your nose is a peculiar contraption that allows the sense of smell to signal to the brain whether something is pleasant smelling like freshly baked cookies or putrid like off milk. When it comes to bettering yourself and doing all you can to create your own unique style the sense of smell shouldn’t be ignored.

There’s a reason nearly everyone wears a deodorant/fragrance – they smell nice and make you more desirable – and if you’re not wearing any you probably should be! There are hundreds of colognes out there for men but the most important thing is getting the right one for you AND sticking with it.

Having a signature scent is what will set you apart from others, those that spend the most time around you like partners, colleagues and friends will become familiar with this scent and associate it with you even if it isn’t you their smelling it from. Having a signature scent is just as important as having your own style in regards to clothing, it defines you and can be just as attractive as your physical appearance.

My personal signature scent that I’ve only just recently started using is the Terre d’Hermès eau de toilette from Hermès Paris. I first heard about the brand in a Kanye West song, then saw it in a tax-free whilst travelling and since that first encounter I sprayed it every time I went to the airport – which is quite often. Recently I decided to bite the bullet and buy my own bottle instead of freeloading from the tax free as I knew that was the scent for me.


I also tend to use deodorant roll on sticks but I cycle these when they run out, I have previously used a few Hugo Boss scents and I’m currently onto CK One by Calvin Klein. These sticks aren’t as potent as the colognes so I wouldn’t worry too much about having a signature scent in regards to these – unless you really love a particular one!


I’m sure that most people will already be using fragrances and may even have their own scent picked out, but for those that don’t my advice is find one you love, stick with it and be known for it. Its amazing how a scent can remind you of someone. I still think of my girlfriend whenever I smell DKNY Delicious because that was HER scent when we first started seeing each other and now it’s stuck despite her changing fragrances since then.

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