Dressing Well – Why Taking Pride in Your Appearance is the Secret to Success

In my recent posts, I have touched on how important grooming is, not only for your self-confidence but your first impressions when meeting new people. Your dress sense if no different. Everyone has their own personal style which is unique to them and defines them as a person, however there is always a general baseline that should be adhered to when maintaining a fresh, sharp look.

Look after your clothes and know when to replace them

Your style may include items that may be deemed ‘untidy’ such as ripped jeans or oversized vintage shirts, but pair this with them being unkempt and you have a problem.
Common issues such as stains, fading and even bobbling can throw off any look and instantly bring your overall style game down. Another huge point is learning to wash your clothes correctly according to the tag that comes attached to the item – don’t ignore it or cut it off, it is your best friend when keeping your clothes in the best shape possible.

Knowing when to replace an item of clothing is crucial, you might have paid a lot for the item a few years ago but if you’re still clinging onto it for that reason yet it does nothing for you or your style then get rid. Personally, I love wearing black ripped jeans, it gives my look an urban feel yet I’m addicted to my lint roller which keeps them looking fresh despite the intentional ‘damage’ to the knees.

Keep up with the latest trends

You may not follow fashion like hipsters follow cat memes but keeping up with trends can be used as a tool to apply to your own style. You might see a £500 Gucci jacket from LFW17 and take inspiration from that to look around for something similar for a more affordable price yet still pull of the same look. On the other hand, you may hate trends and want to stay away from the crowd if so, then keeping up with trends is actually a good way to steer clear of them – how ironic.

Always dress to impress

No matter the occasion you should always put effort into what you wear, I am currently writing this article in the library and beforehand I must have spent 30 minutes trying on different outfits to wear just to sit here amongst the masses. You may not need to spend as much time as I did choosing what to wear but if you make an effort it will show and will enable you to stand out in a crowd – particularly important if you’re looking to meet a new partner or stand out at a job interview. That extra tie-bar on your suit or those extra 10 minutes you spent cleaning your shoes before leaving the house could be the difference for you in any situation you may find yourself in.


Have a variety of clothing items to choose from

My style mainly resides around neutrals and blacks, boring right? Wrong. Despite the simple colour schemes I tend to lean towards I make sure I always mix it up with different textures and styles of clothing.

In the same two days I could be wearing all black outfits yet they would be completely different to each other. The first day may be my Filling Pieces, black ripped jeans, black T-shirt and overcoat similar to the image above. The next day I could be wearing Black Chelsea boots, un-ripped black jeans, a grey jumper and a mac, these two looks are completely different yet stay within the parameters of my personal style, staying unique to myself but not becoming lost in the simplicity of it all.


So ultimately, you want to maintain your own personal style whilst making sure you put some effort into it and keep them well maintained. Your style is a reflection of who you are and this is one of the most important factors for first impressions so make sure it’s a good one.

Let me know what you do to ensure you always dress on point down in the comments below!

– Jack



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