History, Food and Photoshoots in Manchester

Seeing as we both had a free day last Friday, we wanted to spend it doing something a little different than sitting in or heading into town. So we took the train to Manchester for the day, bringing the camera along with us.

Our first stop was the Manchester Museum, a good sized building with plenty of interesting artefacts – and the best thing, free admission (you can donate to the museum should you wish). We spent an hour or two in here and got to explore the various floors of taxidermy and Egyptian mummies.



It appeared I wasn’t the only fashion aficionado in the building

The museum also had a sub-section which housed reptiles and amphibians, which was nice to see some living animals after the taxidermy rooms. It also allowed for some premium snaps to be taken.


After a few hours in the museum, we decided to get some food at Moose Coffee, a familiar place that we also have in Liverpool so we knew we were in for a treat. I got the Cortes, which was scrambled eggs with chorizo, served with toast. Maren got a cream cheese, salmon and capers sandwich.

The food was delicious as always but for me the highlight was my first Coke float, Coca Cola with a scoop of ice-cream ontop. It was amazing and I can’t believe I hadn’t tried it before now. So simple yet works so well.

We also stopped by the food market and picked up some brownies for £1.00 each which was a bargain as they were magnificent. Snickers for me, salted caramel for Maren.

Now with fuel in our stomachs we headed out to explore Manchester, more specifically the Northern Quarter. The place reminded me of the Baltic Triangle area here in Liverpool with plenty of street art and quaint buildings. It wasn’t hard to find perfect backdrops for our little photo shoot.


One of the coolest backgrounds I’ve had the pleasure to grace the foreground of

And of course, I couldn’t be out of Liverpool without the ever-present beings that haunt me where ever I go…


Can’t remember the last time that I left Liverpool without being reminded of The Beatles

More of a picture heavy post but I feel the pictures do themselves justice.

If you have any favourite spots when you visit Manchester, leave them in the comments below!

– Jack



  1. October 22, 2017 / 10:08 pm

    Sounds a good day! I keep seeing lovely pics of coke floats and haven’t tried them yet but I must now. Loved the macro shot of the frog too. Never been to Manchester

    • October 22, 2017 / 10:33 pm

      Hey Elliot, thanks for the comment! The coke floats are definitely a must, I’ve heard of root beer floats too which could be my next one to try. You should visit a time, there is plenty of things to do

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