Favourite Liverpool spots – Food

As a continuation of my ‘Favourite Liverpool spots’ series (check out my Drinks spots here) I am doing on the blog, I thought I would continue with some of the best eateries I have personally visited during my few years in this marvellous city. Let’s begin…


I have been here twice, once for a quick snack and another during my lunch break at work. I love it here, having a Scandi partner and visiting Norway multiple times a year this place is my little home from home from home when I need a little injection of all things Scandi. I got the burger with rosemary and garlic fries (which are to die for by the way), not very scandi theme but I also got a cinnamon bun (skillingsbolle) to make up for it, which was ALMOST as good as the freshly baked ones we make while i’m over in Norway (sorry i’m not allowed to say otherwise!). The decor is spot on and is exactly how it is when you’re over in Scandinavia – definitely one of my favourite spots in town.



Indian street food. Say no more, I don’t think there is anywhere else doing this right now and if they are they certainly aren’t doing it at the standard that Mowgli are! My personal favourite here is the Bombay Chip Butty, I get it every time I visit. They have two restaurants, one on Bold St in the middle of town and a newer restaurant on Water St just near the business quarter in town – I am yet to try the new venue but pictures of the place look impressive!

Cosy Club

I recently visited here as a quick lunch time spot and I think I will be returning in the future. The decor surrounds you with walls of oil paintings and chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. I felt like I had been transported back to another century. I got the Cosy Club breakfast which was great, served up with a cold dandelion & burdock in a barrel glass – perfect.


Cosy Club breakfast and club sandwich

Nolita Cantina

One of the first places on Bold St I visited was Nolita Cantina, it was a while ago so the details have slipped past me but I remember we got the nacho starter to share (which came in a stainless steel tin which was cool), followed by a burger each. We were both impressed with the food and the price of said food. I would definitely recommend for anyone who hasn’t tried here before.

What’s cooking?

A personal favourite, whenever family comes to visit we always come here. Their Mexican food is unreal, I’ve tried their nachos and chilli con carne, both have been lovely and the portion sizes are very generous – which I have no complaints about at all! Their milkshakes and cocktails were also spot on although I wouldn’t recommend getting a milkshake after a large main and a few drinks before, I learnt the hard way when I could barely walk home after we finished – It was delicious nonetheless though, just some personal gluttony on my part…


Another place that I have visited multiple times and keep coming back to. Situated on the Albert Dock, Gusto offers a fine dining Italian experience that will wow you. I have been here to celebrate my graduation and my partners birthday – in which they served up birthday cake and sung happy birthday – much to her embarrassment…oops! I’m a sucker for the chilli and garlic prawn linguine here. The decor is really classy and you feel like you’ve added a couple of zeros onto your bank account just from being in this place except the prices are on point and the food leaves you wanting to return a second, third and fourth time.


I swear I was happier than this picture makes out – honestly!

I’m disappointing in myself that I haven’t got more pictures of the food to share, I’m usually one for a quick pic before eating so I must not have saved them from some of the visits – sorry! Hopefully my write-ups do them justice, if not just take a look through the menus and you’ll soon be drooling.

So that’s my round up, as I previously said, there are many more great restaurants in Liverpool but these are my personal favourites that I have visited. Give them a try if they sound up your street! I know I’ll be back to them *insert The Terminator image here*

– Jack


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