How adopting a monochrome wardrobe has given me MORE options when creating the perfect outfit

We’ve all had the different phases of our lives where we wear something outrageous like the flame shirts of the early 2000’s or even the fluorescent V-neck t-shirts from not too long ago. About a year or two ago I took a look at my wardrobe and realised I wasn’t happy with it, too many bold and bright items that didn’t fit with most other items in there.

Enter the monochrome wardrobe. Of course, not everyone’s style taste will be this certain colour palette but for those who enjoy wearing blacks, greys and whites this will be a life saver for you.

Despite being monochromatic, the style offers up plenty to choose from, thanks to the neutral colour scheme all the pieces work well together- opening doors for mixing and matching. This also simplifies the process of choosing clothes in the morning resulting in more time for you to shower, read the newspaper or whatever it is you do at that delicate time of day.


Most of my blacks and whites, any of these shirts pair with any of my darker wash jeans making it impossible to mismatch something

Monochrome doesn’t have to be boring, there are no restrictions on patterns such as striped shirts to add a different dimension or varying textures to break up shades of black like a washed black denim with a jet black cotton t-shirt.

I do still keep colours in my wardrobe, going monochromatic doesn’t have to mean shunning colours completely. I keep mine to around 60-70% monochrome with a pop of colour now and then when I feel it (albeit mostly navy, darker reds and greens, it’s still colour!). It just makes the combining process much easier and enables you to pick out winning formulas when it comes to outfits effortlessly. I usually keep my jackets, jeans and shoes monochrome and then add a pop of colour with the shirt/jumper.

So, there you have it, white goes with grey, grey goes with black, black goes with white, you get my point. Having a monochrome wardrobe allows you to incorporate new items with ease. It brings a fresh, modern look that can be dressed up or down as you please.

Also, white coat hangers are a must.

– Jack




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