Favourite Liverpool spots – Drinks

I love cocktails, whether it’s making them at home with friends or buying a few rounds out in town, they offer something different that tastes great and smooths over the process of getting drunk, should you drink to that point.

This list is compiled of my favourite spots that I have personally been to, I feel that it’s only fair that I list the places that I have actually visited so I can give my opinion and keep integrity, anyways here’s the list:


Located just on Wood St near Concert Square, this underground Day of the Dead inspired cocktail bar was the first bar that I went to in Liverpool when I first moved here so its only right I add this one first, talk about diving in head first. The subtly lit room houses incense sticks, crucifixes on the wall and cage VIP booths. I haven’t found a place similar to it during my two years here and I’m always taking people here whenever I go out – it still doesn’t fail to impress with it’s fresh taste in RnB music. Couldn’t recommend the place enough!

Some place

A small green light will guide you to Some Place and this place is somewhere not to be ignored. Forget those 80% green absinthe bottles you bought as a 5-pack in Playa Del Ingles, Some Place offers cocktails made up with quality absinthe, the best thing? – they taste amazing! I always go for the Corpse Reviver. They also serve up absinthe the way it was intended to be consumed, with a tap, absinthe spoon and sugar cubes. I personally haven’t given it a try so i’m unsure how it all works, if anything it looks damn cool for the snapchats.


Succumbed to the firm grasp of the Green Fairy

Be At One

If you’re looking for variety when choosing cocktails then look no further than Be At One, combining pages of cocktails with high quality ingredients and highly-trained bar staff – the place offers something for everyone. Not to mention the constant offers and promotions they run such as the happy hour on their own app that starts whenever you want it to start, cheap drinks at anytime of day? Winner.


It doesn’t matter what type of night out you’re on, a chilled one with a few friends, a works party or first night of freshers, you WILL find yourself in Lago, I can’t remember a night out in the past few years that hasn’t started with Lago being the first port of call. They offer music that will tailor to almost everyone and cheap drinks that will get the ball rolling such as £1 sambuca shots (I speak from experience…).

Ghetto golf

Junkyard golf isn’t the only thing these guys have knocked out of the park (oh wait that’s baseball?), these guys have a tempting cocktail menu, I opted for the one with Ting as a mixer (I forget the name of it but it doesn’t matter when I can vouch that it hit the spot). Their menu seems to update now and then so there’s always something new to sink while you’re sinking holes.


Cocktails topped with a golf ball chewing gum – threw me right back to my childhood, honestly haven’t seen those things in years.


I came here by chance when out for my birthday, we were looking around town for a place to find some drinks around the business quarter and visited Fazenda. I had heard about the place for its signature Brazilian rodizio cuisine but had never thought of popping in for a few drinks. Their bar is actually really nice, with decor that makes you forget that there is a restaurant on the otherside. We ordered a mojito and a drink that I can’t begin to pronounce (something Brazilian) and they were both presented in a professional way – pineapple leaves and crushed ice all the way.


Caption unnecessary

So that’s my round up, i’m more than aware that I haven’t even hit the tip of the iceberg when it comes to places in Liverpool for drinks but these are the ones that I have personally been to and love to visit. If you have any suggestions for your favourite spots then leave a comment below.

– Jack


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